Though everyone wants to improve their health and reach a healthy weight, it is not easy to accomplish on one’s own. There are health and fitness clubs, weight loss programs, and the family doctor to get help from. But, these health resources are not right for many people. Going to meetings and health and fitness clubs makes some people uncomfortable. Going to the family doctor for health and fitness information can become expensive. An online community and health coaching program can be a good alternative for many people.

There are programs that offer online Skype or over the phone consultations and coaching, as well as in person consultations for customers who live in the area of the program. They suggest potential customers request a free consultation before purchasing this online nutrition coaching to make sure it is right for them. If a person signs up for this online nutrition coach or online weight loss coach there will be a monthly fee for a highly customized service. There are coaching services available for nutrition, weight loss, fitness, and general health. Different plans are available to fit varied budgets and needs.

Plan Choices

The nutrition coaching service has plans at different levels, but one plan costs $299.00 per month. This plan starts with the customer filling out forms with basic information and personal history. A food journal is sent to the customer to track their eating habits, then there is an initial consultation with an online weight loss program. This consultation is designed to plan a customized course of action for the person to follow. There are then weekly consultations, online nutrition lessons, and e-mail access for customer questions and problems.

If this is not the program for a person, there is a one-time consultation for $199.00 that helps a person plan and kick-start their own program. The customer will receive a detailed analysis of current diet and guidelines for an improved diet and its implementation. This consultation can happen on Skype or the phone. Customers can ask questions and get detailed advice.


Another program that costs around $199.00 is the pantry clean-up or grocery store trip tutorial. This includes hands-on education pertaining to cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator and restocking with healthy foods. Customers can sign up in groups of up to five people for this program. There will be printed guides and many tricks and tips for shopping and stocking the kitchen for healthy eating.

There are several other programs and services designed to improve customer’s health and fitness. Online Facebook groups are available where members communicate and support each other and receive video demonstrations, healthy habit introductions, articles, motivation, and studies. Online nutrition coaching programs encourage members to eat whole foods, be active, and be adaptable to healthy changes. The goal is for long term health and weight loss through incremental behavior changes. For additional information, visit the website.